In my article on IAM principals, I mentioned that when creating a cross-account role trust policy, it’s generally better to trust the entire account, rather than a particular principal within that account. I got some questions on why, so here are the details!

First, let’s establish what we’re talking about…

We need to talk about how AWS credential configuration works. Many people have more than one IAM principal that they use on a regular basis, most likely because of multiple accounts, though they may also have multiple principals available to them within a given account. The ways I see a…

AWS IAM Permission Boundaries Has A Caveat That May Surprise You

Note: this article was originally published on September 1, 2021. It erroneously stated that the resource policy could reference the role, rather than the assumed role session. I removed it pending an update. The confusion, complexity, and poor documentation led me to publish I Trust AWS IAM to Secure My…

AWS IAM operates at an immense scale, more than 400 million operations per second, and the stakes are frankly terrifying; a substantial portion of the internet runs on AWS, and access to those resources is regulated by IAM.

I’m therefore glad that the people who design and run IAM are…

Note: this article uses the boto3, the AWS Python SDK, as an example, but other SDKs have analogous features.

I’ve found that newcomers to AWS can sometimes get confused by what it means to have AWS credentials, and that people have notions of “logging into AWS” that don’t really correspond…

You’re writing some Python, and you need to write out a string containing newlines. You’ve got two options: a regular string with \n in it, or a multi-line string literal using three double quotes (are those sextuple quotes?), which looks like this:

my_string = """This
is a
multi-line string"""

My name is Ben Kehoe. I’m an AWS Serverless Hero. I’ve spoken at re:Invent. I meet regularly with teams across AWS. I’m followed by @awscloud on Twitter. But AWS doesn’t know who I am.

On GitHub, I’m benkehoe. I’m benkehoe when I’m building personal projects like aws-whoami, and I’m benkehoe…

In 2018, AWS Lambda increased the maximum time a function can run from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. This was a great thing! Ever since then, people have been asking for another increase. And while I am fully on board with the need for serverless compute for longer workloads, I…

AWS SSO permission sets are a collection of policies that get attached to a managed IAM role in every account the permission set is provisioned to (that is, a principal — a user or group — is given that permission set in that account). …

I’ve seen some confusion around the AWS CLI v2 command aws sso login. In particular, suppose you have an ~/.aws/config that looks like the following:

[profile AcctA-Role1]
sso_start_url =
sso_region = us-east-2
sso_account_id = 111122223333
sso_role_name = Role1
[profile AcctB-Role2]
sso_start_url =

Ben Kehoe

Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at @iRobot

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