AWS CodeArtifact should be the place to store AWS code artifacts

  1. There is a default repository that always exists. Additional repositories may be created.
  2. An artifact has a hierarchical ID (like an S3 object key). Artifacts are always referred to by ARN.
  3. All uploads for an artifact are immutable and versioned. The ARN for an artifact by its ID does not reference any content; artifact content ARNs should be separate and inherently include a version.
  4. All artifact versions are content-addressable. Artifact versions can be referenced by an ARN using a content-addressable hash in addition to the ID+version ARN.
  5. On upload, a hash of the content can be provided in the request, and the service will short-circuit the upload if that content has already been uploaded.
  6. Other AWS services use artifacts by reference; they retain and display the artifact ARN that was provided to the service.
  7. Artifacts are reference-counted and linked as they are used by other services, so that artifact deletion and lifecycling can safeguard in-use artifacts.
  8. An artifact in region A can be accessed through the CodeArtifact API in region B, with CodeArtifact handling cross-region replication and caching behind the scenes.
  9. Cross-account access supported by both resource policies and Resource Access Manager
  10. A repository (except the default repository) can be backed by a user’s S3 bucket.




Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at @iRobot

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Ben Kehoe

Ben Kehoe

Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at @iRobot

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