AWS Doesn’t Know Who I Am. Here’s Why That’s A Problem.

  • Any one of several hundred IAM roles within accounts in iRobot’s AWS Organization, none of which bear my name or are unique to me
  • An IAM User in my personal AWS Organization
  • A user in iRobot’s AWS SSO directory
  • A user in my personal AWS SSO directory
  • One or more AWS accounts for the AWS Serverless Application Repository
  • An account on for AWS re:Invent, and maybe the same account for AWS re:Inforce, which uses an email address as an identifier
  • An account for the AWS Customer Council, which uses an email address as an identifier
  • An account for Amazon Chime
  • Any number of entries in AWS marketing databases for where I’ve been required to enter the same details each time I sign up for a webinar, event, etc.
  • I haven’t deployed anything to ECR Public yet, but if I do, I think the identity is also an AWS account?
  • I don’t use AWS IQ, but your identity there is tied to a single IAM principal
  • I don’t use the AWS Partner Network Portal, but apparently that has its own directory as well




Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at @iRobot

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Ben Kehoe

Ben Kehoe

Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at @iRobot

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