AWS Lambda shouldn’t increase its timeout; we should get a new service instead

  • Addressability: there should be an ARN for an execution (like with Step Functions standard workflows).
  • External suspend and resume: if I can address it, I should be able to control it as well.
  • Internal suspend and resume: if I’m waiting on something, I shouldn’t have to pay for that time. I’d love this in my short-running compute as well, but if I could get the feature sooner with tradeoffs that only fit with long-running compute, I’d happily settle for that.
  • Orchestration: if I’ve got a few different things that need to happen, with dependencies between them, the service should help make that simpler to deal with.
  • Variable resources: I shouldn’t need to pay for the same amount of compute the entire time, if I’m not using all that compute.
  • Declarative orchestration from Step Functions: when you can resolve your orchestration into a declarative description that needs zero maintenance, that’s a win.
  • Imperative orchestration from e.g. Spark: sometimes it’s better to have your orchestration mixed in with your code. You shouldn’t lose any features if you’re doing it this way.
  • Dependency-based orchestration from Airflow: you shouldn’t have order things yourself, a dependency graph should let the service do it for you.
  • Queueing, job management, and scale-to-zero from AWS Batch: AWS Batch is already a great service for managing batch computation. Scale-to-zero should be table stakes.
  • Simplicity from CodeBuild: if what I’m doing is simple, maybe don’t even make me bring a whole container image or zip file. Don’t require a VPC, either.
  • Variable resource allocation from RoboMaker: the t2, t3, and t4 EC2 instance types have “unlimited mode” for burst, but RoboMaker takes this further and can dynamically scale your job up and down from 1 to 8 “units”, and you’re charged by the unit-hour.




Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at @iRobot

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Ben Kehoe

Ben Kehoe

Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at @iRobot

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