Connecting to Amazon Chime from a Zoom room using H.323

1. On the tablet, tap “Meet now”, the top item on the side bar.

2. In small text on the bottom, tap “Call H.323/SIP

3. Enter the Chime H.323 number:

4. Once the Chime splash screen comes up, you’ll be prompted for the meeting ID. Tap the button on the tablet for the keypad, and enter the Chime meeting ID followed by #

You can choose to enable or disable video from the room as you like.

The number of participants will always be 2 (it’s the Zoom room and the Chime meeting). If you want to see the participants and the chat on Chime, join the meeting from a laptop and choose disable mic/speakers.

Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at @iRobot

Cloud Robotics Research Scientist at @iRobot